Best GoPro Head Cam for Horse Riding

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more people documenting their rides – GoPro-ing their adventures. While we appreciate still photography, we love the GoPro content as it adds another dimension and we really love it. Also, when we are able to document our rides, we are able to go back to that moment, maybe a lesson, or a ride in the field, and remember exactly what was happening in that moment by re-watching the footage.

Here are our GoPro top picks, as well as some other cameras that we recommend:

 Here are some additional cameras that we also recommend if you do not want a GoPro:

GoPro’s are the ideal filming device for horseback riding.

Here are some benefits:

  • pocket size
  • have built-in stabilizing facilities 
  • a GoPro can be fixed to a helmet, pole or chest harness to hold it steady and allow you to concentrate on riding.
  • Lots of accessories that are available so you can use it exactly how you want it.

GoPro Helmet Mount

  • There is a GoPro helmet front mount! – this is an easy way to record when riding. You need to make sure it is tilted so it has your horse’s head and neck in the foreground to give perspective when filming. 
  • This is a really great option if you are jumping or playing polo, which is fast-paced and action driven. This could be good for trail riders also, but the chest harness may be better suited.
  • The go-pro has nice and wide angle which provides plenty of context for your ride. The footage is great and is very stable, thank you to the helmet mount.

GoPro Chest Harness

  • There is a GoPro Chest Harness! With your chest harness, you’ll want to make sure that you are remembering that your camera is on you. When you move your head to look at something, you will not see it in your video unless it is right in front of you and in the frame

 Get out and Start Filming! 

If you are at an event or a competition, you will need to check with the organization to see if there are rules against filming. I know in the eventing world, you used to be able to use a GoPro on the cross-country course but then it was not allowed later in the year. Check your discipline’s rules to find out more information.