Online Western Dressage Horse Shows

About Western Dressage

Western dressage integrates the historically verified principles of dressage with the most effective of Western practice. It is a methodical and progressive system of training for Western Dressage in traditional tack with the purpose of appreciating a secure, satisfying, flexible, and also valuable working horse. The trademarks of the Western dressage horse are efficiency, rideability, determination, safety and security, movement, agility, confidence, and also consistency. A person riding Western dressage, as with most disciplines, must be attentive and able to make decisions quickly and tactfully. This rider needs to be able to utilize clear, efficient, refined aids combined with a strong seat as well as light, but consistent contact with their hands in response and interaction with their horse.

How is Online Western Dressage Scored?

A Western dressage collaboration must display impulsion stemming from deeply engaged hindquarters. This impulsion is then transferred without resistance through a supple topline to a light, soft contact with the person’s hand(s). The horse must move forward freely, laterally, as well as to the back by means of a readiness to engage the hindquarters, which makes it possible for the Western horse to be a beneficial working partner. A Western dressage partnership ought to culminate in a harmonious relationship, enjoyed by both the horse and the rider.

When showing Western dressage, a dressage test gives the opportunity for pair to demonstrate harmony and growth through a series of modern elements by progressing through a series of tests and levels as they improve in physical skill, mental ability, and partnership. These shows are both gratifying as well as instructional, with Western Dressage judges giving scores and supplying responses for each and every component, in addition to collective marks demonstrated throughout the dressage test.

Where Can You Find Western Dressage Online Horse Shows?

With horse shows and events canceling due to the recent threat of COVID-19 and “social distancing,” we have started looking for other options so that we can continue showing during this time.

While it doesn’t seem to have a ton of traction quite yet, with the page having only 811 likes, Dressage Show Online offers a way that we can continue to show during this lockdown of sorts. Here is the process to showing online:

How To Compete In An Online Western Dressage Show?

Here is the information you need to know in order to compete in an online Western Dressage Show:

Online Western Dressage Tests & Horse Showing

  • Register on and complete the rider information. Once the registration goes through, you will be emailed a Hold Harmless agreement that you will need to sign and send back before it will allow you to register for any shows. 
  • After registering you will be able to start uploading videos of you riding your western dressage test to submit to the judges. Click here to find out the best video recording equipment for your dressage test here.
  • You can then buy an entry into a class and upload your video western dressage test at another time or you can video your test and purchase your class entry and then upload your video immediately. Either way works.
  • After you upload your video, your videoed western dressage test will then be viewed by the judge and scored. Your score and comments will be available on the website. 
  • Just so you are aware, it takes about 5 days for the completed score sheet to be made available to participants. 
  • You will receive an email once your score sheet is ready. 
  • There is a live scoreboard that is updated throughout the mont as tests are scored and submitted. 
  • At the end of the month, after all of the classes are completed, we will review the final scoreboard and this is when ribbons will be mailed out to winners. 

Online Western Dressage Show Horse Show Calendar 

The Dressage Show Online folks have kept the calendar up to date so that it is clear when the online dressage shows are taking place. Please click here for more information or to see when the start/end dates are for these online dressage shows. 

How to Film Your Online Western Dressage Test 

There are a few requirements that are essential to filming your western dressage test. First and foremost, you must make sure that your video has audio. Any video that is submitted that does not have sound will be rejected immediately. It is important that natural sounds can be heard during the test, ie the horse, the rider, nature, etc. 

If possible, you will want to try to make sure that your western dressage test is being filmed on a camera that is on a tripod so that there is minimal movement so that the video is steady. 

You will also want to make sure that the video is being filmed at the judge’s position or at letter C outside of the arena. This should ensure that the judge can see both the whole horse and rider. Click here to order dressage letters for your next virtual dressage show!

Also, it is important that all of the dressage letters are visible and that you start filming before the horse and rider start their test by entering at A. If possible, you want to try to make the horse and the rider always the center focus of the frame. 

Try not to zoom in and out, but keep in mind that some zooming may be useful when you want to make sure the judge can see the horse and rider when they are at the far end of the riding arena. 

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