Top Gift Ideas For Horse Girls

Finding a gift for a horse girl can be difficult, especially if you are not a horse person yourself. Whether your child has just started riding, you have a grandchild that you want to spoil, or maybe you just started dating a horse girl and you really want to get her something impressive and thoughtful for her birthday, holiday, or special occasion. We at ESA believe that getting the right gift means giving her something she is going to use – and that is what makes it so great. Here is a list of gifts for horse riders of all ages, disciplines, and prices to help you:

Gift Ideas For Horse Girls

New Polo Wraps

No matter the discipline, all horse riders take the extra steps to protect their horses legs. With this in mind, we suggest getting your horse girl a set of new polo wraps. These could be in her favorite color, a print you know she will like, or black/white are always a safe bet (they go with everything.) These polo wraps are especially great if your horse girl is not a horse owner, as you do not have to buy a size that will only fit one horse – they will fit all horses. Here are some polo wraps that we recommend:

A Pair of Sport Boots

As previously mentioned all horse riders take the extra steps to protect their horses legs. While polo wraps are a very popular option, another popular option are a pair of boots. There are many different types of boots on the market, like open front boots, etc. We suggest a simple all around daily boot as a gift idea. These boots will be more limited in colors than your polo wraps are, but will usually last much longer.

Sizing information: You will have to buy these boots in sizes so these are a really great gift for a horse owner or leaser, or if she is generally riding horses of the same size. Here are the sizes that boots come in – Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

When purchasing, you will want to get the front a size smaller than the back. So if your horse girl is riding a small pony, you’ll want to buy small for the front and medium for the back. For a 15 – 16 hand horse you’ll want medium size boots for the front and large for the back. For horses 16.2 hands and more, you will want large sized for the front and extra large for the back. Here are some boots that we recommend:

New Brushes

Grooming your horse is part of the ride. Whether your girl is a horse owner, leaser, or lesson go-er, she will need brushes to groom her horse before and after her ride. Here are some brushes that we know everyone will want in their grooming box!

Monogramed Saddle Pad

Saddle pads are used for everyday riding. They go under the saddle to protect the horse from saddle rubs etc. They can come in a variety of colors and can have special features that make the ride more comfortable for both the horse and the rider. If you want to make this gift more personalized, you can take it to get it monogrammed before giving to your horse girl. Here are some saddle pads that we recommend:

For Western Riders:

For English Riders:

New Riding Clothes – Pants, Shirts, Vests, Jackets

When you are a horse girl, there really is no such thing as too many riding clothes. And, in many instances, we will end up wearing these clothes (sometimes) more often than we do our “normal” clothes. Here are some clothes ideas that every horse girl needs in her closet:

GoPro or Action Camera

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more people documenting their rides – GoPro-ing their adventures. While we appreciate still photography, we love the GoPro content as it adds another dimension and we really love it. Also, when we are able to document our rides, we are able to go back to that moment, maybe a lesson, or a ride in the field, and remember exactly what was happening in that moment by re-watching the footage. Here are some GoPro and action cameras that we recommend:

Read our blog on cameras here

Riding Gloves

Every horse girl needs a great pair of riding gloves to protect her hands while she is riding. Holding the leather reigns can many times bring blisters and calluses to a riders hands if she is not wearing gloves to protect her hands. Here are some of the best gloves on the market to help prevent blisters:

Horse Bonnets

While many people believe that these “little hats” or horse bonnets, are a fashion statement for their horses, that is actually just an added bonus. And, as most girls liked to play dress up at home, you can imagine that she likes to dress up her horse. However, ear bonnets (aka ear nets) serve to keep the flies away from irritating the horses ears. They also serve to help muffle sounds so that horses are less distracted and allow for a happier ride. Here are some bonnets that we like:

*Note: View our saddle pads above to find the saddle pad and bonnet combo.

Pearl Earrings

Generally speaking, pearl or diamond stud earrings are a staple in most equestrian communities and disciplines. This is mainly because when wearing your helmet, you usually have your hair back and a pear or a diamond stud will be simple yet still noticeable. That makes pearl earrings a great gift for your horse girl that is something that she can wear out on the town or on her horse’s back. Here are some earrings we like:

Leather Oil/Soap Supplies

All horse girls prioritize their leather tack. Mostly because it is expensive and we are trying to preserve it for as long as we can, but also because we need to keep it clean so that we don’t have to spend hours cleaning it before a show. With this in mind, we recommend getting your horse girl new tack cleaning supplies that can help her keep her tack in tip top shape. Here are our picks:

Horse Bathing Kit – Shampoo, Conditioner, Showsheen, Eqyss

Keeping our horses clean and their coats shiny is not an easy task. When the weather is warm, bathing our horses is a fairly normal occurrence to make sure our horses are being taken care of. Also, whenever a horse girl has a horse show to go to, giving the horse a bath is common in all disciplines so that you can really put your best foot forward in the show ring and catch a judge’s attention. With this in mind, we recommend getting these horse bathing items to make a bathing kit for your horse girl:

New Shipping Bandages or Shipping Boots for Travel

Whether your horse girl goes to horse shows or trail rides off the property, she’ll need some shipping boots or bandages to keep her horse’s legs protected during the trip. The bandages come in a variety of colors, though shipping boots are easier/faster to take on and off so they each have their pros and cons. Here are our top shipping boots and shipping bandages for your horse girl:

Half Pad For Extra Comfort for Horse and Rider

Sometimes, our saddles are not an absolute perfect fit for our horses. Then, even though we have saddle pads that are protecting our horse’s backs from saddle rubs, a saddle can create some sore spots on our horses backs because it was not custom made for our horse. With this in mind, half pads are used to create that custom feel for the horse, while also giving your horse girl the peace of mind that her horse is comfortable during her ride. Here are our top picks for half pads: